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Impact Community Goals and Objectives

  • Enhancing students’ understanding of social good, social justice, and sustainable community practices 
  • Leading students to existing GT and Atlanta community engagement opportunities and other events
  • Encouraging students to create and develop new ideas around social good, sustainability, and diversity through a year-long project initiative
  • Focusing on diversity, inclusion, equity, and excellence through intentional and local events and activities offered

Experiential Learning

The Impact Living-Learning Community supplements in-class learning and volunteer opportunities with off-campus trips around local Atlanta and Georgia, on-campus service opportunities, and more! Some examples include going to the Sojourn Adventures for zip-lining and laser tag, helping to donate clothes and food to the homeless in Atlanta with Food4Lives, or even going to the MLK King Center. We even created our own large-scale, campus project two years ago called Jackets Beyond Walls.

Excursions help provide outside-the-classroom learning experiences for students, as well as allow the community to develop organically. 

Why should I join Impact?

  • It looks great on a college resume.

  • It’s a great way to get involved and feel like you’re a part of a community early on in your GT experience.

  • As a college student, it’s hard to get off campus and explore the city at times. As a part of a living-learning community, you can have the chance to go to whatever cool places interest you.