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The Leadership, Strategy, and Culture team engages the Georgia Tech community in experiences and dialogues that foster an inclusive and equitable culture where everyone can thrive. They lead and expand the institute’s capacity to develop inclusive, mindful, compassionate, socially intelligent, and engaging leaders who model our values and principles for fostering an equitable and inclusive community. Through their experiential programs, the Leadership, Strategy, and Culture Team develops and empowers current and emerging GT leaders and DEI practitioners, with these objectives:

  • Objective 1: Expand facilitation, coaching, and mentoring capacity of faculty, staff, and students to model and teach inclusive practices
  • Objective 2: Champion engagement and accountability by identifying strategic goals, objectives, ownership, commitments, and outcomes
  • Objective 3: Support professionalization of staff by encouraging participation in DEI work

Upon completion of these programs, the Georgia Tech people leaders will then implement these learning outcomes:

  • Put DEI into practice and lead in multicultural environments
  • Ensure DEI work is professionalized on campus through presence of regular DEI positions, newly created positions, or integrated into job functions and are considered official duties
  • Engage in communities of practice, apply research available on impactful DEI practices, and foster a campus culture of inclusion
  • Integrate leadership development to cultivate a critical mass of people leaders who are living GT values and modeling DEI principles of community
  • Collaborate and consult in the development of institutional culture management initiatives
  • Ensure DEI strategies are fully integrated into unit level strategic plans and inclusive cultural norms are established for recruiting, promoting, and developing BIPOC employees and women among the diversity of talent