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Fulfill our commitment as a public university by centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in our scholarship and teaching to expand the full participation of marginalized and nontraditional learners; model social and ethical responsibility; and make Georgia Tech a university known for social and technological innovation.


How will we do this?

  • Pursue curricular innovations that prepare Georgia Tech students to be cross-culturally competent, globally-minded leaders.
  • Ensure that our academic scholarship and research address diversity, inclusion, and social justice issues in technology environments to transform our local, regional, and national culture.
  • Create equitable and inclusive learning and research environments through inclusive teaching and mentoring practices.

How will we measure success?

  • Increased faculty use of inclusive teaching methods and outcomes.
  • Increased number of DEI/social justice curricular and co-curricular innovations and outcomes by 2032.
  • New recruitment processes for faculty and staff that assess candidates’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
  • Increased diversity among collaborators and partnerships to drive inclusive scholarship and research innovations.

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