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Georgia Tech will be a national leader in modeling a culture of inclusive leadership and fostering an environment that reflects our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

How will we do this?
  • Design all student and employee orientation and onboarding processes to clearly define Georgia Tech's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) values, principles, and behavioral expectations.         
  • Create, equip, and empower an Institute-wide DEI structure that assures coordination, support, and accountability for our DEI commitments and priorities.  
  • Ensure that all employee performance assessments promote DEI accountability and recognition.
  • Provide physical spaces dedicated to self-reflection, inclusive representation, and cross-cultural interaction and learning consistent with our inclusive values.
  • Expand and resource DEI programming within and beyond the Georgia Tech community to facilitate cross-cultural learning, increase cultural competency, and reflect the diversity of social identities within our university community.
  • Expand commitment to gender equity, including transgender and non-binary support programs and initiatives.

How will we measure success?
  • All academic and administrative units assume ownership and responsibilities for taking strategic actions identified within Georgia Tech’s DEI plan for which they have direct roles.
  • Impact of systemic DEI-related professional development and learning on behavior, culture, and climate.
  • Utilization of campus cultural spaces in support of cross-cultural engagement and learning. Increased rewards and recognition for DEI-related work.

Goal 2: Recruit, Retain, and Develop a Diverse Community of Students, Faculty, and Staff